02-01. Folder structure and contents


The largest unit you handle is "Course" when you study by using Course [email protected] A course consists of units called folders. There are three types of folders – "Lecture folder," "Information folder," and "Folder."

On a Course [email protected] window, the word "folder" is not displayed. You see only "lecture" and "information."

Lecture folder

A lecture folder is a container of contents (materials, tests, questionnaires, reports, etc.) necessary for a class. One lecture folder has contents necessary for one class. The test result, answers to a questionnaire, submitted reports, and other information will be stored in the corresponding lecture folder.

Information folder

There is one information folder for each course. This folder is used only for giving notice, which contains information to be notified to students.

Types of contents in a lecture folder

A lecture folder has various contents necessary for a class. Course [email protected] refers to lecture materials, articles posted to discussions (BBS), submitted reports, answers to tests, and the likes as "Contents."

Outline of contents

Contents name Description
Material contents Material distributed by the teacher and material you should read for preparation and review

"05-02. Viewing material contents"
Quiz Quiz in a class

"05-03. Taking a quiz"
Questionnaire Questionnaire in a class

"05-04. Returning a questionnaire"
Discussion Issue to be discussed among students or students and the teacher.

"05-05. Participating in a discussion"
Report Report to be submitted

"05-06. Reporting"
On-demand contents Material used for an on-demand class

"05-07. Taking an on-demand class"
Review sheet Sheet used by students to enter feedback on lectures and by teachers to enter comments on such feedback

"05-08. Filling in a review sheet"

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