06-01. Comfirming the study history


  1. Click a course whose study history you want to check.
  2. The Lectures window appears.
    Select [Study history] from the operation list box, and click .
  3. Your study history is displayed.
    You can see the statuses of various contents released in each course.

How to read the Study history window

(1): Upper part of the window
This part shows the numbers of released material contents, on-demand contents, and contents you have already checked (number of contents you checked/number of released contents).

* The number shown in parentheses is the number of back number accesses.
Placing the mouse cursor on a calculated value displays the explanation of that value.

(2): Lecture folder
A lecture folder shows the learning status of each content (reference, attendance, submission, score, number of opinions posted to a discussion, and other information).
Click a content to refer to the content.

* The folder of a lecture before the lecture period is gray.

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