07-01. Editing your profile


This section explains how to edit your profile.

  1. In the My Courses window, place the cursor on [Settings]. When [Settings] and [ProfileEditing] are displayed, select [ProfileEditing].
  2. The Edit Profile window appears.
    Type your nickname, address, and other information.

    Items in the window ⇒ Items in the Edit Profile window
  3. After you enter necessary items, click at the bottom of the window.
  4. The confirmation window appears.
    If there is nothing to change, click .
  5. Your profile is updated.

Items in the Edit Profile window

Item Description Remarks
Name, Name (alphabet) Nonenterable field, display only  
* Nickname, * Nickname (alphabet) Enter your nickname.  
Nonenterable field, display only  
* E-mail Address 1
E-mail Address 2
Enter your e-mail address(es). If E-mail Address 2 is registered, e-mail is sent to this registered address in addition to the waseda-net address when there is an urgent notice from a teacher.

For students of Waseda University, E-mail Address 1 is the Waseda-net address. For students who are not enrolled at Waseda University, the address registered in the profile window is used.
Students of Waseda University cannot edit E-mail Address 1 in the Edit Profile window.
Gender Nonenterable field, display only  
URL Enter the URL only if you have one.  
Image File 1 Nonenterable field, display only Your photo submitted to the university is displayed.
Image File 2 Enter the file name if you want to add an image. Click and specify the image file. If you want to delete the file, check [Delete].
Self-PR Write text to publicize yourself.  
Only items specified as "Disclose" are disclosed.
Items marked with * are disclosed to the teacher, person in charge of the lecture, and TA regardless of the Disclose/Hide specification.

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