05-06. Reporting


The following explains how to submit an assigned report.

  1. In the List of Lectures window, select the subject on which you want to submit a report.
  2. The selected report is displayed.
  3. The Submitting Report Compose window appears.
    Type [Title], [Main text], and other items. To attach a report file, click.

    About the items in the window ⇒Items in the Submitting Report Compose window
  4. The ファイルの選択 (File Selection) dialog box appears.

    Check the file to be attached and, if there is nothing to change, click.
  5. The confirmation window appears.
    If there is nothing to change, click.
  6. Your report is submitted, and [Submit Date] is displayed in the report window.

    To submit a report, you need to click in the confirmation window. After submitting a report, make sure that Submit Date is displayed in the report window.
    You cannot submit a report just by saving it temporarily. Do not forget to check that Submit Date is displayed in the report window.
    The report submission method differs for each teacher. There are three methods for submitting a report; you may be required to submit only the main text or an attached file.

When both the main text and an attached file can be submitted

When only the main text can be submitted

When only an attached file can be submitted

Items in the Submitting Report Compose window

Item Description Remarks
Title Enter the title.  
Main Text A comment can be entered separately from the report.

(1) You can decorate the text.
Bold, italics, underline, font color change, background color change, left alignment, centering, right alignment, indent setting, font size
(2) You can edit the text.
Copy, past, cut, undo (redo)
(3) You can insert files and tables.
URLs can be linked.
(4) You can set the input window.
You can switch from the HTML format display to the screen image. The window size can be changed.
(5) You can use the equation editor “BrEdiMa.”
Attach file Specify a file to be attached to your report, if any. Click and specify the file to be attached. If you want to attach more than one file, click and specify another file.
Send confirmation of receipt? Specify whether to confirm the receipt of the report. When a report is submitted and accepted, e-mail like the one shown below is sent to the address registered in E-mail Address 1 of the profile.
Notify when comments are made on the submitted report? Specify whether to be notified by e-mail when the teacher makes any comment on your report.  
About [Receive confirmation on submitted items?] and [Notify when comments are posted on submitted items] ⇒ “09-01. Reception of e-mail

Notes on submitting a report

  • Avoid submitting a report just before the deadline.
  • Check the Period of submission before you submit a report. After the Period of submission, you cannot submit a report. Be careful.

  • The Period of submission is determined by the teacher. Ask the teacher if you want to submit a report before or after the Submission period. Each teacher has different reporting settings.
  • Some teachers may disclose submitted reports to the other students of the same course.
  • Some teachers may disclose the grade.
  • Some teachers may make a comment.
  • Reports may or may not be resubmitted or saved temporarily, depending on the settings by the teacher.
  • Some teachers may disclose the grade. In the case where the grade is disclosed, “Notify when grades are opened” is automatically sent when the grade period disclosure is reached, if so set in the Settings windows.

If report submission fails

When the following error messsage [Report registrationdata failed in linkage]is displayed if there is a possibilitythat submitted report corresponds to the following.
If there is something that corresponds with it pleasse correctit and resubmit it.

  1. Setences within 20 words in English
  2. Sentences within 70 characters in Japanese
  3. Character with blank space between sentence
  4. Number of pages that exceeds 400 pages
  5. Those that exceed 2MB by text
  6. Those that output the other than following files (doc, docx,pdf) by specifying external link or path
  7. Those which passwords are set when opening a file
  8. The content of the attached file encrypted
  9. Those such as handwritten reports and printed material read by a scanner into PDF conversion
  10. Text containing characters and special character code that can not be handled by the external system side

Also, it may not be able to submit a report in following cases too.
If this correspond case, please correct and submit again.

  • Vertical writing
  • Character information is not included.(It looks like characters, but in fact it is being saved as an image, and so on.)
03-01-01. How to read the My Courses window
09-01. Reception of e-mail

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