05-10. Registering your attendance card


You may receive a card shown as below during the class. It is called an attendance card.  If you receive such a card, you need to register it on Course [email protected] order to secure your attendance of the class you have attended.

  1. An attendance card will be distributed in the class.  Confirm your attendance code and write your student ID and name on the card.

    Do not lose your attendance card. The card will not be re-issued under any circumstance.
  2. On the “My Courses” page, choose the class for witch you wish to register your attendance with the attendance card.
  3. The lectures window appears on the screen. Confirm the lecture name and then click “Not registered”.
    The “Not registered” link will not always be shown on the screen. This is due to the settings made by the lecturer. In that case, select the lecture that you would like to register. The detailed description of the lecture will appear on the screen. Choose “Attendance” from the menu and click “Go”.

  4. The “Register Attendance” page will appear on the screen. Please confirm the attendance card which was distributed to you in the class. Enter the Attendance Code and the “Keyword” announced in the classroom and then click “Register”.

  5. On the “Lectures” page confirm that shows “Present” on the lecture that you have registered.

Registering your attendance using QR

You can also register your attendance using QR code printed on the attendance card.

  1. Get your attendance card ready and have your mobile phone read the QR code.
  2. Your mobile phone will show the screen where you can register your attendance.
     ①Log-in ID: Your Waseda Mail address(~@~.waseda.jp), or Course [email protected] log-in ID
           ※Please note that it is not your Waseda ID or Student ID
     ②Password: Your own password
     ③Keyword: Provided in the class. (Not required when the lectuer did not give it)

Things to be careful of when registering your attendance card

  • You cannot register the attendance card when it has passed the “Attendance Registration Period” written on the card. Please be sure to register it during the registration period.
  • Some lecturers reflect your attendance on your grade.
  • Be sure to write your name and student ID on the attendance card and keep until the end of the academic year.
  • It is forbidden to give the attendance card to others or make a copy of it. If it is exposed that you have committed a fraud, you will be subject to strict penalty.

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