05-09. Searching contents


You can search contents.

  1. In the Lectures window, select [Search] from the operation list box, and click the button.
  2. Enter the search conditions, and click the button.

    Items in the search condition window ⇒ Items in the Search condition window
  3. The search results appear.

    When the search results pertain to two or more functions (such as material contents and discussion), you can view the search results for each function by clicking the relevant tab.

Items in the Search condition window

Item Description Remarks
Retrieval object You can select the object to search for. The object can be selected from on-demand contents, material contents, discussions, quizes, reports, and review sheets.
Name You can specify a student name.
Title You can specify a title. The titles of contents are searched.
Keyword You can specify a keyword. The main text of contents is searched. The contents of open-ended questions and fill-in the blanks questions are searched in the case of quizzes, and the contents of review sheets are searched in the case of review sheets.
Period You can specify a period.
You can use the calendar that is displayed by clicking the calendar icon .
When there is more than one search condition, specify "AND," "OR," and/or "NOT."
A space is regarded as "AND," and % is regarded as a "wildcard" (which means that any combination of characters may precede or succeed).

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