05-08. Filling in a review sheet


Some teachers may set a review sheet in a lecture folder.
In the review sheet, the review of the lecture is input by the student. The teacher can read the review and make a comment.

  1. In the Lectures window, click the Review sheet of the lecture whose review you want to input.
  2. The Review Sheet window appears. Enter the review, and click .
  3. The confirmation window appears.
    If there is nothing to change, click .
  4. The completion mark is given to the review sheet.

Notes on inputting a review sheet

  • Check the Period before you input a review sheet. After the Period, you cannot input a review sheet. Be careful.

  • The Period is determined by the teacher. Each teacher has different review sheet settings.
  • Teachers can get the record of each student’s history of review sheet input. Some teachers may evaluate the input history and take it into consideration when they give a grade.
  • Depending on the setting by the teacher, the student can enter his or her level of understanding of the class.

  • Depending on the setting by the teacher, the review sheet may be disclosed.
    When the Published reviews tab is selected, the review sheets of other students can be viewed.

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