05-04. Returning a questionnaire


The following explains how to answer a questionnaire.

  1. In the Lectures window, click the questionnaire you want to answer.
  2. The selected questionnaire window is displayed.
    Click .
  3. The Answer questionnaire window appears. Answer the questionnaire and click .

    When answering the questionnaire, you can set the [Send confirmation of receipt?] and [Sending comment] options. If you select [Submit] for [Send confirmation of receipt?], you can receive e-mail confirming that your answer to the questionnaire has been accepted appropriately.
    If you select [Submit] for [Sending comment], you can receive e-mail informing that there is a comment on your answer.
    "09-01. Reception of e-mail"
  4. The window appears and prompts you to confirm your answers.
    If there is nothing to change, click
  5. The Answer Date is displayed.

Notes on answering a questionnaire

  • Check the Period before you answer a questionnaire. After the Period, you cannot answer the questionnaire. Be careful.

  • The Period is determined by the teacher. Each teacher sets questionnaires in his or her own way.
  • Teachers can get the record of each student’s use of individual contents. Some teachers may take the answer record into consideration when they give a grade (except for an anonymous reply).
  • Some teachers may disclose the result of tallying.
  • Some teachers may accept anonymous replies.
    In that case, the mark shown below is displayed.

When this mark is displayed, the teacher who prepared the questionnaire will not know who answered it. When this mark is not displayed, the teacher will know who answered the questionnaire as well as the answers.

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