05-03. Taking a quiz


The following explains how to take a quiz.

  1. In the Lectures window, click the test you want to take.
  2. The selected test window is displayed.
  3. The Quiz answer window appears.
    Answer the questions. When you finish the quiz, click .

    When answering the quiz, you can set the [Send confirmation of receipt?] and [Sending comment] options.
    If you select [Submit] for [Send confirmation of receipt?], you can receive e-mail confirming that your answer to the quiz has been accepted appropriately.
    If you select [Submit] for [Sending comment], you can receive e-mail informing that there is a comment on your answer.
    About [Receive confirmation on submitted items?] and [Notify when comments are posted on submitted items] ⇒ "09-01 Reception of e-mail"
  4. The confirmation window appears.
    If there is nothing to change, click .
  5. You can confirm the state of answering and result of tallying.
    The Answer Date is displayed and, depending on the teacher, your score may be shown as well.

    The result of tallying is not displayed until after the Answer Date.

Notes on taking a quiz

  • Check the Response period before you take a quiz. After the Response period, you cannot answer the quiz. Be careful.

  • The Response period is determined by the teacher. Each teacher sets quizzes in his or her own way.
  • Teachers can get the record of each student’s use of individual contents. Some teachers may take the quiz score into consideration when they give a grade.
  • Some teachers may make a comment of your result.
  • Some teachers may disclose the explanation and the result of tallying.

  • Some teachers may preset a time limit.

  • Some teachers may allow you to resit the quiz.

When resitting is allowed, select [Resit] from the operation list box, and click .

When you have resitted the quiz more than once, the answer scoring the highest points (or in the case of a free choice question, the last answer) is regarded as the valid one.

  • Some teachers may disclose the grade. In the case where the grade is disclosed, "Notify when grades are opened" is automatically sent when the grade period disclosure is reached, if so set in Settings windows.
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"09-01. Reception of e-mail"

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