04-01. Reading information


  1. In the My Courses window, double-click the course whose notices you want to see.
  2. The Lectures window appears. Click the "お知らせ (Information)" folder.
  3. The notices are displayed. Click an unread notice.

    Click [Displays all] to display all read and unread notices.
  4. The information of the notice is displayed.
    Read the information and click .

Notes on notices

  • When the Period of display is passed, the notice is not displayed.
  • The Period of display of content is determined by the teacher. Ask the teacher, if you want to use content before or after the Period of display. Each teacher displays notices in his or her own way.
  • Teachers can get the record of each student’s history of accessing notices. Some teachers may take the access record into consideration when they give a grade.
  • Depending on the setting given by the teacher, students may receive a notice of new information by e-mail.

The e-mail that the teacher sends is as follows.

In principle, the e-mail does not include any image or file attachment. If the notice has any file attached to it, log in to Course [email protected] to check on it.
After reading the e-mail notice, click the URL shown in the e-mail. Your access will be reflected on the reference history managed by the teacher.

  • The icon allows you to see at a glance whether the notice has been read or not.
    When the information folder contains any unread e-mail
    When all e-mail messages in the information folder have been read
    Unread notice
    Read notice
"03-01-03. Meanings of the icons displayed in windows"

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