03-01-02. How to read the Lectures window


On the top of the Lectures window, the "お知らせ (Information)" folder is displayed, and the lecture folder is displayed under it.

(1) Course name
(2) Instructor and Period of use
(3) Information folder and Period of use
(4) Contents in a lecture folder and Period of use
(5) Lecture folder and Period of use
Each item is displayed in different ways before, during, and after the Period of use.

(6) Operation list box: An operation can be selected.

The operation list box allows you to do the following operations.

Reload Updates the screen display.
Study history Allows you to view the study history.

"06-01. Comfirming the study history"
Search Allows you to search contents.

"05-09. Searching contents"
Profile List Displays the profile list, depending on the setting by the teacher.
You can view the profiles of teachers and students.

If it is not set by the teacher, there is no display.

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