02-02. What you can do in student mode


In student mode of Course [email protected], you can perform the operations listed below.

Operations available in the My Courses window Operations available in the Lectures window
  • Edit your personal settings
  • Edit your profile
  • Change your password
You can change your password here only when you are not using Waseda-net Portal.
  • Check the ToDo list
  • Check private inbox messages
  • Syllabus
  • Lesson evaluation questionnaire
  • Tutorial site
  • Guide
  • Confirm information
  • Attend a class (view material contents, take a quiz, answer to a questionnaire, post opinions to discussions, submit a report, attend an on-demand class, and register a review sheet)
  • Check feedback from teachers (attendance status, comments from teachers on contents, grades of contents, questionnaire results, and other students’ reports)
  • View your learning history
  • Search
  • Display a profile list
Each teacher may have a different setting as to whether to make their information publicly available. Some teachers may choose to keep their information unavailable.

  • Check your learning history
  • Create and edit your profile
"03-01-01. How to read the My Courses window"
"03-01-02. How to read the Lectures window"

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