01-07. Precautions


Read the following precautions to be observed in using Course [email protected]

Rules for Using Waseda University Information System

Before using the system, be sure to read "Rules for Using Waseda University Information System."
"Rules for Using Waseda University Information System":

Copyrights and personal information

Take special notes of the following:

  • Protection of copyrights
    Do not post production of a third party on this system without the consent of the copyright holder.
  • Handling of personal information
    Be very careful when you handle personal information.

    "Waseda University’s Efforts on Protection of Personal Information" (Japanese Only):
  • Mental abuse on individuals
    Do not post any content or message including mental abuse on any individual user(s), discriminatory expression, or any other expression that may bring discomfort or cause emotional distress to any user(s).

    "Waseda University’s Basic Policy on Prevention of Harassment":
    Contents: Course [email protected] uses the word "contents." In addition to on-demand contents, lecture materials, opinions posted to discussions (BBS), submitted reports, answers to tests, and the likes are all handled as contents.
    Contents ⇒ "02-01 Folder structure and contents"

Session timeout

Two hours of idling time causes Course [email protected] to time out (session timeout) and become disconnected from the system. In the event of timeout, the Course [email protected] login screen appears. You need to log in again.

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