04-01. Creating information


You cannot create an information folder. Only notices can be created in the information folder.

The following explains how to create a notice.

  1. In the My Courses window, double-click the course of which notice you want to create.

  2. The Lectures window appears.
    Click the お知らせ (Information) folder.

  3. From the operation list box, select [Information ArticleMake] and click .

  4. Enter the [Title] and necessary information, and click .

    By default, a notice is sent to "everyone except management." To distribute notice e-mail to management as well, include "management (department office staff in charge of Course [email protected])" by using when submitting the notice.
    Or, change the default setting in Edit course settings.
    "03-01-04. How to read the Lectures window"
    If you want to contact students by e-mail, check [Yes] for [Notice e-mail distribution]. The [notice] will be sent to students by e-mail.

    The e-mail message to be sent is similar to the one shown below.

    You can specify the sender of the e-mail.

    Items in the window ⇒ "Items in the Information ArticleMake"
  5. The Information ArticleCompose window appears.
    If there is nothing to change, click .

    If you want to make a change, click .

  6. A notice is created and added in the list of information.

Items in the Information ArticleMake window

Item Description Remarks
Main Text Body of the notice

(1) You can decorate the text.
Bold, italics, underline, font color change, background color change, left alignment, centering, right alignment, indent setting, font size
(2) You can edit the text.
Copy, paste, cut, undo (redo)
(3) You can insert files and tables.
URLs can be linked.
(4) You can set the input window.
You can switch from the HTML format display to the screen image.
The window size can be changed.* E-mail cannot be decorated.
(5)You can use the equation editor "BrEdiMa."

Attach file Specify a file to be attached that serves as a reference for the notice, if any. Click and specify the file to be attached. If you want to attach more than one file, click and specify another file.
* A file cannot be attached to e-mail.
Period of display Period when the notice is displayed The default value is the period from the current day until the last day of the display period of the course. Change the period as needed.

You can use the calendar that by clicking the calendar icon .
If you specify the start date, you can adjust the date and time when e-mail is to be sent. (Note that there may be a slight time lag.)
Notice e-mail distribution Manner of giving notice by e-mail If you check [Notify emergency contact], the e-mail notice is sent to [MailAddress2] (e-mail address on their mobile phone, etc.) that individual students registered in their profile as well as the Waseda-net e-mail address.
Display or non display to a list Specify whether to show or hide the folder in student mode If you do not want students to see the notice yet for some reason like preparation, uncheck [Display or non display to a list], and the notice is temporarily hidden (shown in teacher mode). When you decide to show it, check [Display or non display to a list].
E-mail sender Specify the address of the notice e-mail sender. You can select either Personal E-mail address or Specified E-mail address.
Notification recipient Set the people who are informed of the notice. 【Setting procedure】

  1. Click .
  2. Click a tab of receivers and set the receivers.
    [Condition specification]: You can set All or Group position specification.

    [Personal specification]: Specify individuals to be informed. If you specify a condition and click , you can narrow down the recipients to those meeting the condition.

  3. Click .
    To narrow down the recipients, first remove the check from "All" in [Condition specification], click , and then check the target recipients.


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